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TCC launched advanced microporous membrane

tokumoto Chemical Co., Ltd. (TCC), an affiliate of ExxonMobil Chemical in Japan, participated in the 22nd International Battery, hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicle annual conference and exhibition held in Yokohama, Japan, from October 23 to 28, and launched an advanced microporous membrane specially designed for lithium-ion batteries of hybrid electric vehicles on its (EVS 22) booth a-62

the high-performance diaphragm of dongran Chemical Co., Ltd. can significantly improve the capacitance and safety of lithium-ion batteries used in hybrid electric vehicles. This will help to produce lighter and smaller hybrid electric vehicle batteries, reduce the system cost of hybrid electric vehicles, improve design flexibility and extend the service life

dongran Chemical Co., Ltd. is committed to the technical development and production process improvement of separators for lithium-ion batteries. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the research and development of separators for lithium-ion batteries, and has provided its patented product separators for the world's first commercial rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Dongran Chemical Co., Ltd. has been cooperating with ExxonMobil Chemical, which has the world's leading polyolefin technology, to jointly develop a new generation of high-performance lithium-ion battery separators for hybrid electric vehicles

"our cooperation combines the outstanding production process technology of dongran Chemical Co., Ltd. with the advanced polymer technology of ExxonMobil Chemical Industry," said Junya, chairman of dongran chemical Nasu (a wholly-owned affiliate of dongran Chemical Co., Ltd. for comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development), "especially for scrapped cars, Ishiyama said, "Our diaphragm can provide higher design flexibility and better product performance, in order to provide better economic benefits for lithium-ion batteries of hybrid electric vehicles."

polyethylene (PE) pipes for water supply of dongshaohua Chemical Co., Ltd. gb/t 13663 (2) 000 will show high-performance diaphragms. Compared with standard diaphragms, this kind of diaphragm has higher melting integrity, which can significantly reduce heat shrinkage and maintain good permeability and tensile strength. This advanced diaphragm is developed to strengthen safety, improve quality and value. It has excellent melting and stopping performance, as well as the unique balance performance of lithium-ion battery capacitance and energy density

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