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TCL folding screen show muscle technology is mature, and its channel advantages are comparable to Samsung

with the continuous innovation and development, the folding screen technology has been very mature, so that it can meet the commercial standard. 2019 MWC is undoubtedly a collective debut of folding screen, and many brands choose to launch folding screen at this time

tcl group currently has three product lines, TCL, blackberry and Alcatel, all of which have very clear user groups. As for the folding screen technology, TCL Group will have what kind of view, and what kind of accumulation it has in the folding screen technology. On the eve of the development of M and save the experimental curve WC, TCL has made a comprehensive interpretation for us

the unique dragon hinge structure design creates a variety of design forms

compared with the current intelligent appearance design, the folding screen will have a breakthrough. It can completely avoid the homogenization. After all, the folding screen can play many tricks, and there are many choices for the folding method alone. In order to create a personalized folding screen design, it is necessary to have a deep accumulation in structural design

tcl adopts the exclusive dragon hinge structure design in the folding screen design, and multiple gears are used inside to connect the folding area, which can make the folding very smooth. The precise gear structure has extreme technological requirements, and the metal decoration on the surface adds points to its aesthetics

the Dragon hinge structure has laid a good technology for TCL's folding screen model design. By using the Dragon hinge in different areas, it can present a completely different folding screen shape. TCL has exhibited several mature styling designs for us. Even if it is only a way of folding in half, there are two ways: forward and reverse; The long folding design can better take into account the portability. After it is folded, it can be put into a small leather box, which is very convenient to carry

c-shaped design can give consideration to the use of intelligent wearable products. Such an intelligent that can stay on the wrist has a sense of the future like the sci-fi movie version. This design brings the Dragon hinge design to the extreme. Through the use of multiple dragon hinges, it can be bent into a smooth arc, and a miniaturized battery is used between each dragon hinge. This novel interleaved design gives infinite reverie to flexible design

join hands with csot to overcome the technical difficulties

another key factor of flexible screen is undoubtedly the convenience of the screen. In the research and development of screen technology, TCL communications continued to vertically integrate the technology and products of its brother industry, csot, and overcome many difficulties in the process of product development. So far, there have been mature technical solutions

it is reported that csot has carried out forward-looking development for the application trend of flexible screens for a long time. In June, 2017, the 6th generation flexible LTPS AMOLED display panel production line of csot (referred to as T4 project for short) started construction in Wuhan, which is the leading domestic 6th generation flexible LTPS AMOLED display panel production line focusing on folding display, with a total cost of up to 35billion yuan. In 2019, with the launch of T4 project, csot will provide more competitive product solutions for the rapidly growing demand for flexible display

as a new design and inevitable trend in the future, folding screen is bound to get the expectation of the whole industry. This also poses a severe test to the relevant supply chain of folding screens. TCL, which is vertically integrated with csot, is arranged at least in descending order; In the most critical flexible screen supply chain, it has unique advantages. Looking at the advantages of this industrial chain, I'm afraid that only Samsung and TCL have the current market

Google has worked closely with us to develop folding screens. Using new scenes

folding screens can be expected to be large-scale. Perhaps the key lies in the development of corresponding software and new scenes. At present, the use scene of the straight plate type is very mature, and it has thin characteristics. If there is no new use scene for the folding screen, it is difficult to gain an advantage against the straight plate type. After all, its lightness has a congenital disadvantage

tcl is deeply impressed with this and has been committed to the development of folding screen usage scenarios. It has a long-standing cooperation foundation with Google and Android systems, and is working together to develop new scenarios. Try to show users a new way to use

don't blindly launch new products based on consumer demand

tcl obviously has the strength to launch commercial terminals in terms of folding screen technology, but TCL said that it is expected to launch folding screen terminals in 2020

tcl believes that there are many different forms of folding screen products. TCL alone has shown several folding screen designs this time. New technologies for plastic materials help recycle. In these designs, there are different preference groups. It needs a lot of development and research to choose which design to launch the product

the flexibility of folding screen design makes it possible and imaginative in the future. But now does not seem to be a good time to launch new folding screen products

we take a look at the folding screens that have been released so far. Expensive is their common feature. The price of $2000 is unacceptable to most consumers. TCL wants to build products that can provide excellent experience for users, which naturally includes the price. This also makes us full of expectations for TCL's new folding screen. Perhaps this folding screen in 2020 will really surprise us in terms of price

folding screen design, as a new thing, can arouse the interest of consumers. TCL obviously has such technical strength, but it has not blindly launched new folding screen products, but built products based on experience for the sake of users. In the future, when TCL's folding screen amazes the audience, we don't need to be too surprised. After all, the strength TCL shows now has laid a deep foundation for accumulation and thin development

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