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TBEA's more than 5 million medical protection materials rushed to Hubei and other places

: on February 9, the second batch of medical protection materials purchased through twists and turns arrived at Wuhan Jinyintan hospital and Huanggang hospitals, providing a safe barrier for the medical staff here. This is the second batch of donated materials after TBEA's first batch of medical supplies to support Hubei in fighting the epidemic arrived in Hubei on February 6. The third batch of protective clothing is also being sent out in succession, and will arrive at major hospitals in Wuhan and surrounding areas with serious epidemic in the near future

race against time, keep sleeping and purchase 80 ventilators

"hospitals in Wuhan and Xiaogan, where the epidemic is serious, are in urgent need of ventilators!"

on January 31, a media news attracted widespread attention across the country. As an important medical device for auxiliary respiratory therapy, ventilator has a life-saving effect on confirmed and suspected patients. Knowing this situation, the Party committee of TBEA immediately held a meeting to arrange the deployment: do everything possible to purchase ventilators and send them to Hubei, so as to help fight the epidemic

purchasing is urgent! Members of the Party branch of TBEA and the vanguard of Party members stationed in Beijing to "fight the epidemic" immediately began to contact the Hubei Charity Federation, the Red Cross Society, the Red Cross Societies in Wuhan, Xiaogan, Huanggang and other places, as well as a number of hospitals, to confirm the ventilator models that meet the requirements. Other domestic offices of TBEA jointly searched for manufacturers of medical materials, and a race against time began

"is this model OK?" "Dean, please look at this parameter. Is it what our hospital needs now?" In order to ensure that the purchased ventilator model is correct, the quality is excellent, and meets the requirements of the hospital, the TBEA employees participating in the war have opened the "white + black" working mode without sleep. Thousands of tongs are only for one purpose: to carefully confirm the supplier qualification, ventilator model, quantity, logistics provider and delivery time. The models that meet the requirements of no source of goods and goods are not right. If we can't find a supplier in China, we can go abroad to find it. After cross ocean contact and docking, TBEA finally purchased 80 ventilator that meet the donation requirements in Australia

at 9 p.m. on February 2, 80 life-saving ventilators arrived at TBEA Beijing Branch. Members of the party's vanguard kept fighting against the epidemic, clearing, inspecting and packaging goods, and sent them to Wuhan and Xiaogan overnight by SF express. On February 4, 40 ventilators arrived in Wuhan; On February 6, 40 ventilators arrived in Xiaogan. According to the feedback of medical staff in the two places, TBEA imported 80 life-saving ventilators from overseas, which greatly alleviated the shortage of local medical resources and played an important role in epidemic prevention and control

do everything possible to purchase epidemic prevention materials worldwide to protect the well-being of our compatriots

with the spread of the epidemic and the deepening of prevention and control work, following the emergency of ventilator, medical goggles, gloves, protective clothing and other materials have appeared in many hospitals in Hubei, and the medical staff fighting the virus are facing great risks. The demand of the front line is an order. We must find ways to organize the supply of goods and try our best to protect the most beautiful "rebel"

"there is no stock for a long time!" "Insufficient supply!" "The last batch of inventory has just been pulled away!" "Out of stock!" The tension of supply was beyond everyone's expectation. On the one hand, it is difficult to find supplies, and on the other hand, it is really worrying to see the lack of protective materials for medical staff

in order to purchase materials that meet the donation requirements, TBEA searched all domestic manufacturers and dealers for power switches. Please use special switches, and do everything possible to find sources of goods. Finally, it purchased 6300 pairs of medical goggles and 40000 pairs of medical gloves in Beijing and Dalian. At this time, good news also came from TBEA's overseas market, and a number of Korean sources were also locked and rushed to Qingdao port

On February 9, 6300 pairs of goggles and 40000 pairs of medical gloves arrived at Wuhan Jinyintan hospital and Huangzhou District People's Hospital in Huanggang

Chen Guohua, who is in charge of material receiving in the material Department of Huangzhou District People's Hospital of Huanggang City, sent a message to TBEA staff at the first time after receiving the materials: "The most urgent thing we need now is these protective materials. You are really helping us in time of need. Receiving the materials you sent from all over the country and all over the country makes our medical staff feel warm and worthwhile no matter how hard and tired they are! When we see that the medical staff use them, we will drive the moving beam to move up and down to realize the loading of the tested instrument (tight attachments are installed between the mobile beam and the workbench. Everyone has tried every means to find medical protective equipment. The staff of TBEA are also very excited, and all the hard work they have experienced has turned into inner happiness. The virus has no lover! After the outbreak of pneumonia infected by covid-19, TBEA responded immediately. Under the situation of the whole staff fighting against the epidemic, especially 3. Check whether the indication value is displayed; TBEA does not forget the beginning Heart, actively implement the social and mission of private enterprises, and support the fight to win the Sniper War of epidemic prevention and control. While doing a good job in self epidemic prevention, we should integrate all forces and gather global resources, organize urgently needed epidemic prevention materials from overseas markets such as Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, South Korea, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Australia, and make every effort to support epidemic prevention and control. With the support of the party and the government and the joint efforts of all social parties, the transnational love war "epidemic" relay has been successfully completed. Up to now, nearly 2000 party members of TBEA have been involved in epidemic prevention and control, material procurement and scheduling, as well as the protection of social and livelihood projects. The company has donated more than 5 million yuan worth of imported 80 medical non-invasive ventilators, 6640 protective masks, 6600 pairs of goggles, 41000 pairs of medical gloves, 7755 pieces of protective clothing, 1000 tons of disinfectant and other materials to the epidemic area of Hubei and Xinjiang, Ningxia, Shaanxi and other places, More than 580000 pieces of epidemic prevention materials were urgently collected worldwide, and at the same time, rapid response was made to the power supply needs of epidemic prevention and control hospitals. At present, in view of the lack of protective clothing in hospitals, TBEA is still making every effort to purchase and raise protective clothing, and has successively set out from all over the country to send it to hospitals in Wuhan, Hubei and surrounding areas with serious epidemic. TBT twists and turns 90 degrees to the left, and the workers will make every effort to contribute to winning this anti epidemic war without gunsmoke. If the epidemic is not eliminated, they will swear not to retreat

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