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TBEA plans to raise 1.9 billion yuan to improve capacity bottlenecks

TBEA officially launched its 2008 refinancing plan today. According to the prospectus for public additional shares (A shares) published by the company today, the price of this additional issue is 17.73 yuan, the number of additional shares is not more than 156 million, and it is expected to raise 1.946 billion yuan, which is mainly used for the upgrading and construction of UHV AC and DC industry technology, the special technical transformation of UHV shunt reactors, the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" technical transformation of transformers that are widely used in Xinjiang Part of the funds for Xinjiang cable and cable projects such as the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" technological transformation will be used to transfer the equity of hengbian company held by the economic and Trade Trust, transfer the equity of hengbian company held by XiangNeng power and supplement the company's working capital

the "UHV AC/DC transmission and transformation equipment industry technology upgrading construction project", "UHV shunt reactor special technical transformation project" and "Xinjiang transformer" Eleventh Five Year Plan technical transformation project "in the fund-raising project of TBEA are all investments around transformer related industries and increasing the capacity of transformers (reactors). The total investment of the three projects is 2.415 billion yuan, Among them, 1.216 billion yuan will be invested in this raised fund. It is reported that the above three projects and the Xinjiang cable "Eleventh Five Year Plan" technological transformation project company have started construction in advance with its own funds and bank loans

it is understood that in the first half of the year, the total outstanding orders of transformer products reserved by TBEA exceeded 180million KVA, and the contract amount exceeded 13billion yuan. Among them, 500kV and other benefits are also self-evident. The orders of the above transformer products reached 120million KVA, accounting for more than 68% of the total orders. Due to the full production plan in 2008, the company no longer undertakes orders that need to be delivered in 2008. At present, the company's design capacity is only 81.3 million KVA, and the capacity gap is very large. It can no longer meet the needs to continue to increase capacity by filling in the equipment. The company's requirements for rapidly increasing capacity are very urgent. After the above funded projects are put into operation, the design capacity of TBEA transformer products will be increased from 81.3 million KVA to 157 million KVA, nearly doubling. According to the data, with the steady growth of power supply construction in the future, power companies will increase investment in power investment and transformation. The annual demand of China's transformer market will exceed 1.2 billion KVA during the three years after the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" to the "Twelfth Five Year Plan". The strong market demand can not only digest the production capacity of the company after the raised projects reach the production capacity, help it consolidate its domestic leading position, but also provide an opportunity for the company to become bigger and stronger

in addition, part of the raised funds obtained from this additional issue will be used to transfer part of the equity of hengbian company. In 2007, the operating revenue of Hengyang TBEA accounted for 22.62% of TBEA's operating revenue, and the net profit accounted for 29.06% of TBEA's net profit. It has become one of the main sources of TBEA's profits. After the transfer, TBEA's shareholding in Hengyang TBEA will increase from 63.45% to 98.09%, and the fund-raising project of Hengyang TBEA will be completed within the year. Market participants pointed out that since the hengbian expansion project was basically completed by the end of 2008, next year will be the obvious release period of hengbian production capacity. At this time, the company will benefit to the greatest extent by further increasing its holdings

at the same time, it was learned that TBEA recently signed the eastern Sudan power project contract with Sudan national power company with a total amount of 94.19 million euros, which includes five substations and more than 300 kilometers of power transmission and transformation lines. This contract is the first time that TBEA signed the general contract of "73km 110kV transmission line project" and "260km 220kV transmission and transformation line project" with Sudan national electric power company in April 2003, and the second cooperation with Sudan after signing the complete project of Sudan North Khartoum substation with Sudan national electric power company in June this year. It is also the first turnkey project of TBEA so far, namely survey, design It is a complete set of power general contracting project undertaken by the supply, transportation, construction and supervision of materials and equipment, which undoubtedly accelerates the development pace of the internationalization of TBEA

with this huge order, the total amount of TBEA's orders on hand has been nearly 16billion yuan, which also makes the contradiction of insufficient production capacity of the company increasingly prominent. Market participants pointed out that the high growth of TBEA's performance in recent years is due to its full capacity, even under overload. 5. After the automatic completion of the experiment, the automatic storage of sample information, experimental data, experimental curves, etc. has become the biggest bottleneck restricting its further development. Therefore, start the oil pump adjustment pointer to aim at the zero point of the dial. In the view of the market, the greatest significance of this special issue is to solve its capacity problem

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