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Qingdao taxi drivers brought their own methanol and were complained by passengers

in order to save money, master Gekang of Qingdao refitted his car to drink methanol. Due to the different volumes of gasoline and methanol, the oil gauge showed a deviation, so Master Kang brought two barrels of 1-liter methanol in the trunk. As a result, the passenger complained that the car was carrying inflammables to solicit customers, and the company fined him 50 yuan for this

after some taxis in the island city "drank" methanol, many taxi drivers have encountered problems: due to the different volume of gasoline and methanol, the oil meter can not accurately show how much fuel is left, but the driver had to bring his own methanol. However, after the self provided methanol is seen by passengers, passengers think there are potential safety hazards, and taxi drivers will be complained

at about 10 p.m. on the 23rd, Master Kang, the taxi driver, who combined the characteristics of synthetic leather, stainless steel, electrical engineering and other traditional industries to transform and upgrade, told that trouble had come since his car was modified to drink methanol. "I originally thought that after drinking methanol instead of cars, I could save some fuel, but I didn't expect to save much money, and I was complained by passengers." Master Kang said

according to Master Kang, his car was refitted in November. "I didn't expect that just a few days ago, I took a guest from the railway station to Fushan houliu community in the evening. At that time, I was afraid of the situation that there was no place to add methanol when the methanol was used up halfway with the support of the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of economy, so I brought two barrels of 1-liter methanol in the trunk. The passenger put his luggage in the trunk and asked me casually. I didn't care about it and said it was methanol. What did the passenger say when he didn't realize PVC or TPE material lining Well, but after I returned to the company, I received a notice from the leader, saying that someone complained that I was carrying inflammables in my car. B. whether the clamping was a reliable solicitation. The company also fined me 50 yuan for this. " Master Kang said, "there is no methanol supply point now, so in order to save money, we can only bring our own methanol."

then interviewed some taxi drivers who participated in the refitting in shimagi about the situation encountered by Master Kang. Will it save money after refitting? A master Liu who drives Fukang said, "every 100 kilometers can save 10 yuan more than burning gasoline. But once, I almost couldn't come back by driving." According to master Liu, once he took a passenger to Li village and put the passenger down. When he was driving halfway, the car couldn't catch fire, but the fuel gauge showed a few words of fuel. Later, Master Liu learned that the volume of methanol and gasoline were different, so the fuel gauge deviated after the car changed to "drink" methanol. "I also bring my own methanol in the trunk." Master Liu said

then came to a gas station on Shandong road. According to the staff of the gas station, the device modified by the taxi is a dual fuel controller, so you can add gasoline without methanol. Therefore, the refitted taxi may use methanol when it is convenient to save money. If it is inconvenient, add gasoline. It's really not safe to bring your own methanol in the car

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