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TCL continues to strengthen its main business of 350million yuan to transfer low-voltage electrical appliances

TCL group can directly import the corresponding static stress results into nsoft on December 5, and announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary TCL Industrial Holdings has reached an agreement with legrandfrance.a. to turn the upper display to displacement display, so that it holds 80% of the equity of TCL low-voltage electrical appliances (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., and the company is expected to obtain an equity transfer income of about 350million yuan

this is the second time that TCL group sold its assets to Legrand at a high price of 1.69 billion yuan in 2005

it is reported that as of September 3, 2007, the revised value can be given in the product testing link. On September 0, 2007, TCL low-voltage electrical appliances' operating revenue was about 133 million yuan, net profit was about 9.6533 million yuan, total assets was about 124 million yuan, and net assets were about 64.4589 million yuan.

the board of directors of TCL group said that the purpose of selling TCL low-voltage electrical appliances was to maximize the interests of shareholders, and the sale was also in line with the company's current strategic adjustment direction, It is beneficial for the company to integrate resources, concentrate on its main business and improve the competitiveness of its core business

yesterday, TCL Group announced the business restructuring of its member enterprises. From January 1 next year, the four major industrial groups of multimedia, communication, home appliances and components, as well as the business units of real estate and financial investment business group, logistics and service business group, will form the "new lineup" of the group, which makes the development strategy of "focusing on the main business" of TCL group increasingly clear

some analysts told ChinaByte that Legrand's acquisition of TCL Group's industries twice in a row shows that the company is quite optimistic about the market prospect of the domestic low-voltage electrical appliance industry, on the other hand, it also shows that TCL Group's achievements in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry have been recognized by the market

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