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Tax support reinforces foreign trade enterprises to stabilize the overseas market and increase confidence

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core tip: when the situation of overseas epidemic prevention and control is still severe, export enterprises still face many difficulties and challenges in resuming work and production, resuming the city and resuming business. To this end, the tax authorities actively implement various preferential policies for taxes and fees

under the situation that the situation of overseas epidemic prevention and control is still severe, export enterprises still face many difficulties and challenges in resuming work and production and resuming business in the city. To this end, the tax authorities have actively implemented various preferential tax policies and introduced a series of measures to optimize tax services and speed up export tax rebates, providing important tax support for export enterprises to resume production and stabilize the basic market of foreign trade

tax rebate speed-up and increase to enhance the "immunity" of export enterprises

with the promulgation of the policy of improving the export tax rebate rate of some products, the tax bureau of Chengdu high tech Industrial Development Zone of the State Administration of Taxation contacted the export enterprises that comply with the latest policy and account for a large proportion of funds for tax rebate at the first time, and ensured that enterprises should enjoy the new policy of export tax rebate through a series of measures such as accurate guidance and simplified processes

"according to the latest export tax rebate policy, the export tax rebate rate of 1084 products has been increased to 13%, and our company's export projects are just in line. Up to now, we have enjoyed 30 export tax rebates (detailed parameters are mainly real equipment) of 50000 yuan." According to the financial director of Meishan CRRC fastener Technology Co., Ltd., the company is one of the key foreign trade enterprises in Meishan. "We expect that 700000 yuan of tax will be reduced or exempted. Having solved the most difficult problem of funding difficulties, we are confident to stabilize the overseas market." The person in charge said

while ensuring the implementation of the policy, the Sichuan tax department has also continuously optimized the tax rebate process and vigorously improved the tax rebate efficiency. The average tax rebate time has been reduced from 9 days to less than 3 days now. At the same time, the list of 1464 products corresponding to the increase of export tax rebate rate will be accurately pushed to households, providing a strong guarantee for enterprises to revitalize funds and help enterprises resume production

"I 2: if oil leakage is found, they submitted an application for export tax rebate on February 18, and received more than 9 million yuan of tax rebate on February 21, ensuring the capital needs of the company's production and operation." Gu Meihua, financial director of Lear Chemical Co., Ltd., said excitedly after receiving the tax refund. Affected by the epidemic, the company has been greatly affected in raw material procurement, logistics transportation and product export, and the financial pressure is prominent. Thanks to the acceleration of export tax rebate, Lear Chemical Co., Ltd. resumed production and work after the Spring Festival

according to statistics, up to now, Sichuan provincial tax department has accepted 2437 export tax rebate declarations and handled export tax rebate of 5.088 billion yuan. The implementation of the policy of increasing the export tax rebate rate of some products is expected to provide an additional 81million yuan of "real money" for export enterprises

the new deal of export tax rebate has been implemented quickly, and the tax rebate has been accelerated again.

the COVID-19 has ravaged the world, and many foreign trade enterprises are under great pressure to survive. The tax department of Hubei Province has quickly implemented the new policy of export tax rebate through a series of service measures such as "going up to the office" and "allowing for vacancies", which has attracted funds "living water" for foreign trade enterprises

"the tax refund of 13.96 million yuan arrived in advance, alleviating the financial pressure. We launched the 10000 ton mushroom sauce series automatic production project in time," going out "and achieving the set goals of the whole year are more confident!" Wang Jun, a financial officer of Pinyuan (Suizhou) Modern Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., praised the service of the tax department

in Wuhan, Fiberhome communication also enjoys a "cloud flash refund" of export tax rebate. It took less than 24 hours from the declaration to the tax refund of 92.93 million yuan

the time of export tax rebate has been significantly shortened, which is behind the simplification and compression of the tax rebate process by the Hubei tax department. Through the trade "single window" export tax rebate platform, we can realize the "one-stop" settlement of declaration and business; For the tax rebate business that really needs to be checked on the spot, the method of "tolerance and deficiency handling" within the limit shall be adopted, and the tax rebate shall be given in advance; Take the initiative to coordinate with the state treasury, adopt simplified procedures, centralized processing and other methods, and speed up the arrival of export tax rebates

data show that in the first four months, the Hubei provincial tax system handled export tax rebates of 4.208 billion yuan for 2965 enterprises, of which 51 newly established enterprises only increased the export tax rebates of 9.19 million yuan by 2 π in phase; The average processing time of normal export tax rebate in Hubei Province is 3.8 working days, which is 52.5% faster than the 8 working days specified by the country

on March 17, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the announcement on increasing the export tax rebate rate of some products. In order to enable enterprises to enjoy the new deal as soon as possible, the tax department of Hubei province implemented the "one policy for one household", actively carried out point-to-point services, and made the policy dividends precise. At the same time, through big data analysis and screening, push the customs declaration information to the export enterprises that have exported but have not declared the tax refund, and remind them to handle the tax refund (Exemption) declaration procedures in time

"the 'increase rate' of export tax rebate involves six products of our company. According to the export situation last year, it is expected to increase the tax rebate by more than 10 million yuan this year." Wang Jinke, head of the Finance Department of Hubei Xingfa group, said

it is understood that since the formal implementation of the new policy, a total of 494 enterprises in Hubei Province have exported a total of 231million US dollars of related products, which is expected to increase the tax rebate (Exemption) by 52.69 million yuan

enterprises that arrive on the day of tax refund accelerate the resumption of work and reach production capacity

recently, the State Administration of Taxation Xiamen Taxation Bureau has strengthened the tax rebate service of export enterprises, further reduced the processing time of tax rebate, and helped enterprises quickly return funds and resume work at full capacity

Fujian Xingda import and export trade Co., Ltd. recently received a 534 "The tires produced with elastopan dual density technology have a tax refund of 22300 yuan because they are not afraid of puncture and wear of hard objects. It is only three hours since they submitted their tax refund application. As an enterprise engaged in bulk commodity trading such as metal and metal ore wholesale, Xingda company was greatly impacted during the epidemic, with fewer orders and tight capital flow. Just when the enterprise was worried about capital, Yang Yumin, the person in charge of finance, received Xiamen tax The cadre of the Bureau of affairs called and told Xingda company that it could apply for the increment of value-added tax to be refunded. "When I learned that the company was able to refund more than 53 million yuan, I was really surprised. The tax cadres explained the policy very clearly, and we were very confident after listening." Yang Yumin said

tax cadres have always kept in touch with Yang Yumin from declaring preferential treatment, submitting materials to passing the examination and returning taxes in place. "I thought the audit would take some time, but the whole process took only 3 hours." Yang Yumin sighed, "for an enterprise like us that needs a lot of money, the rapid tax rebate has brought considerable cash flow to the enterprise."

Xiamen Taxation Bureau makes full use of big tax data to determine the list of enterprises that meet the conditions of incremental tax rebate. Considering the different actual operating conditions of enterprises, in view of the personalized problems existing in the process of applying for value-added tax rebate, tax cadres take the form of "one-on-one" counseling to connect with relevant enterprises one by one, explain policies, coach and declare, and ensure that the preferential policies are known and enjoyed as soon as possible

Xiamen zhengliming Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. also received dividends from the retention tax rebate policy. Under the epidemic, the company also faces the pressure of slow payment collection and tight liquidity. "At the end of last year, the company invested in the expansion of the plant, which took up a lot of funds. Affected by the epidemic this year, order delivery, acceptance and other work could not be carried out on schedule, and many orders were suspended or cancelled, resulting in a sharp decline in sales." Zhang Jinyin, the person in charge of finance, said. After learning about this situation, the tax department of Xiamen quickly organized the cadres to sort out the relevant materials of the retention and tax rebate of advanced manufacturing enterprises, assisted the financial personnel in handling the declaration of export tax rebate (Exemption), the increment of value-added tax, the retention and tax rebate and other matters, and reduced the time for examination and approval

"the company applied for the final VAT rebate on May 14, and the 3.38 million yuan increment of the tax rebate was paid in the afternoon of that day." Zhang Jinyin said that the tax department timely implemented the service measures of reducing the value-added tax rebate policy, which provided a guarantee for enterprises to get out of difficulties and achieve new development

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