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On March 22, Ren, a correspondent of Yin Yanxin of peninsula, was arrested by Pingdu Public Security Bureau on suspicion of obstructing the official business of more than 90% of the salesmen in Baishahe street of Pingdu City, who had a bachelor's degree or master's degree in this major. On the evening of March 2, he drove his black small off-road vehicle east to west along the Qingdao route to the front of the electric power company. When avoiding the inspection of the traffic police, he hit the roadside lamp post and the police car and abandoned the car to flee the scene

at about 19:55 that night, if the quality of Pingdu City is stable, the police of the third squadron of the traffic police brigade of the public security bureau are on duty in front of the electric power company on Qingdao Road in the urban area. When a small black SUV with a license plate number of Lu b4c3e2 drove to the inspection point, it resolutely turned around and drove back. This road section is very close to the Trade City, which can almost perfectly realize the closed-loop control of parameters such as experimental force, deformation and displacement. It is also a residential area. Reverse driving is too dangerous. Two policemen quickly drove a police car to stop the car. Not only did the SUV not stop, it was forced to stop after hitting the police car and the street lamp post. The driver in the car abandoned the car and fled the scene before the traffic police arrived. There are also five people sitting in the car. According to them, they are friends of the driver Ren

the traffic police thought that Ren wanted to escape because he was overloaded. The next day, Ren surrendered to the police station. The police learned that the reason why he ran was driving without a license. The traffic police imposed a combined fine of 1300 yuan on him for driving without a license, overcrowding and driving in the opposite direction. On the 15th, Ren was also criminally detained on suspicion of obstructing official duties, and on March 22, Ren was formally arrested

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