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Universal testing machine electronic tensile machine helps plastic injection molding and extrusion

universal testing machine electronic tensile machine can stretch, bend, compress or puncture plastic splines at a controlled speed until they break. They are the most common instruments in the laboratories of plastic mixing manufacturers. In the process of mixture development, electronic tensile machine is used to determine the applicability of materials for a certain process and end use. Today, electronic tensile machines are also increasingly used in plastic injection molding and extrusion, which is expected to enter the laboratories of market players in 2015. One reason is that they are increasingly used in cutting-edge product and process development. Another reason is that they monitor the quality control of incoming materials and finished products more strictly. Many OEM manufacturers, especially those in the field of medical devices or automobiles, need plastic processors to carry out the test by themselves at the end of production and operation, but this test has little impact on the price (except for the door type). Another reason for internal testing is to improve process control, which can reduce scrap rates and achieve real returns

the specification of the electronic tension machine is expressed by the combination of the maximum load that the frame can bear and the maximum load of the bearing unit. The load unit is installed on the moving beam driven by motor or oil pressure, which uses degradable materials but has high cost. The bearing unit connected to the fixture measures the force, which can be read from the digital display or computer. Many electronic tensile machines have interchangeable sensors, which can match the material to be tested

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