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Shenzhen unmanned aerial vehicle "occupy" CES unmanned aerial vehicle exhibition area: it can go up into the water

Shenzhen unmanned aerial vehicle "occupy" CES unmanned aerial vehicle exhibition area: if the sampling frequency is 50 times the working frequency (at this time, the peak capture error is not more than 0.2%), and other technologies, the business operation is still fast in and fast out, and the main index is going up into the water

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original title: Shenzhen unmanned aerial vehicle "occupy" CES UAV exhibition area: navatics

underwater UAV navatics

daotong intelligent vertical fixed wing UAV

star map UAV has shifted its focus to the field of smart home. Photographed by yuan Siru, a special mission of Shenzhen business daily, Yan Zhuo

toy UAV as small as palm size, agricultural UAV as large as dozens of kilograms. Enterprises from Shenzhen staged a "group flying show" in the CES UAV exhibition area. As the capital of drones, this is not the first time Shenzhen has "occupied" the exhibition area. However, the UAV team led by Dajiang is quietly changing. The Shenzhen business daily visited ces and found that many enterprises have left this team and are more looking for their own new direction

the boom of consumer drones is receding

this is the third year that Xingtu drones have participated in CES exhibition, focusing on the star map of mid-range consumer drones. At last year's exhibition, it brought an aerial camera drone with folding portable and watch remote control. Although this year's star map still appears in the drone exhibition area, the main exhibit has been replaced by AI cameras for intelligent security

"the consumer drone market has indeed been saturated in the past two years. Compared with last year, there are significantly fewer enterprises specializing in consumer drones at the exhibition." Zhou Wuzheng, the market manager of Xingtu, who has participated in the exhibition for several consecutive years, told that the most popular period of UAVs was in 2016 and 2017, and then there were consumer UAVs with various prices and functions. Now it is difficult to make differentiated products. On the other hand, as personal electronic consumer goods, drones are not in strong demand and their replacement frequency is not high

based on the current market situation, Xingtu opened the AI camera business last year. The main purpose of this exhibition is also to promote new products. "Customers who come to the exhibition this year pay more attention to cameras and have less interest in drones." Zhou Wuzheng said. However, Xingtu does not intend to give up the UAV business, but hopes to integrate AI cameras into UAVs in the future and strive to find new breakthroughs

seize the new track of industry-class UAVs

Xingtu is not the only enterprise that feels the bottleneck. Daotong intelligence, which also focuses on consumer UAVs, has begun to transform to industry-class UAVs. This exhibition brought a fixed wing UAV that can be used for professional surveying and mapping, address exploration and post disaster search and rescue. Its fuselage weighs 5 kg, its endurance time is up to 1 hour, its flight range is 30 kilometers, and its flight mission can be customized. According to Ning Hongfei, a Daotong engineer, the current industry-class UAV is mainly multi rotor, and this fixed wing UAV can also achieve vertical lift and fall

Ning Hongfei believes that in order to break out of the tight encirclement, UAV enterprises should not only find new application scenarios, but also have their own technological innovation in new fields and build core products, rather than just stay on conceptual innovation

it seems to have become the consensus of the industry to turn to the industry-class UAV track. At the CES site, we also saw that Dingfeng infinite carrier rocket, an agricultural UAV enterprise focusing on plant protection, has successfully developed a 9-meter super large aluminum alloy integral ring, making China one of the top three countries in the world to manufacture such products. Their UAVs can spray pesticides on six hectares of farmland within one hour, mainly facing South American markets such as Brazil, Chile, Mexico and so on. According to caiyixuan, the regional manager, Dingfeng infinite is participating in ces in its fourth year. The booth is bigger and bigger year by year. It can stick to the UAV industry because it chooses and focuses only on the field of plant protection UAVs

the rise of Underwater Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

speaking of unmanned aerial vehicles, everyone first thought of flying in the sky. However, almost half of the unmanned aerial vehicle exhibition area of this CES was occupied by Underwater Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and their uses are also divided into professional and consumer levels. The professional level is mainly used for aquaculture, hull dock inspection, underwater search and rescue, while the consumer level application scenarios are mainly diving photography, yacht fishing, island tourism

at the CES scene, I saw Dajiang's "Apprentice". The navatics underwater UAV, developed by the robotics team of the Hong Kong University of science and technology, weighs only 2.9 kg, has a endurance of 4 hours, can dive up to 40 meters, and can shoot 4K videos. According to navatics staff, compared with UAVs flying in the sky, the main technical barrier of underwater UAVs lies in underwater signal transmission. "The underwater signal is weak, and wireless transmission cannot be achieved at present. The receiver needs to cooperate on the surface to strengthen the signal."

according to the on-site staff, navatics was established in Hong Kong in 2016 and has now moved to Nanshan District, Shenzhen. She said that the UAV industry chain in Shenzhen is more complete, and industrialization can be realized in Shenzhen faster. This is also one of the reasons why many UAV enterprises choose Shenzhen. In addition, many enterprises said that making UAVs in Shenzhen has talent advantages and more opportunities to communicate with peers. After the formation of the industry, many foreign customers also tend to come to Shenzhen to find UAV partners. (Yan Luoluo)

source: Shenzhen business daily


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