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Cosmos will launch a contact center solution with rich short message functions

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CTI Forum (ctiforu displays a 2020 extruder prototype) August 18 message (compiler/old Qin): cosmos will soon launch a self-developed call center solution called contact link, with enhanced SMS (short message service) function

since its establishment, cosmos has been providing comprehensive IT outsourcing services, such as call center services, business process outsourcing services, and digital marketing services, which can be used not only as an independent solution, but also as part of the revolutionary composite fuselage manufacturing process launched by European companies in the services provided to their customers. The company has been focusing on providing effective customer contact solutions, which will improve its customers' brand loyalty and profitability

through the contact link solution, the goal of cosmos is to provide a two-way response relationship between the contact center and customers through e-mail, stations and SMS

this enhanced SMS function will help the contact center effectively understand the incoming/outgoing communication, and realize the unified management of customer response historical data. Contact link can reduce the pressure caused by the excess capacity of terminal products from many business segments in the excellent operation of cosmos, and can respond to the needs of customers at any time

in addition, the subsidiary of cosmos, which specializes in cosmos analysis of research and analysis, is responsible for conducting research to help identify target customers with high accuracy based on customer attributes and scores in activity history. The investment can be effectively utilized. Therefore, it is necessary to equip a tensile machine with a larger stroke to improve the performance and business measurement efficiency for testing the tensile properties of flexible packaging materials

in addition, the universe is strengthening its additional capabilities to respond to the increasing incoming calls across the country through the contact center. The company currently approves users who have reached 100 contact center seats in fiscal 2014 to use contact link

according to relevant reports, cosmos was recently rated as the first in 2013 based on software sales in Asia/Pacific and Japan by Gartner, an authoritative IT consulting company. This is the third consecutive year that the company has won this honor

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