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Universal robots won the Danish best enterprise award

universal robots won the Danish best enterprise award

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Guide: the Danish Prince personally presented the award, and its seven-year development was recognized in Beijing. March 11, 2013 -- the Danish innovative industrial robot manufacturer universal robots recently won the Danish best enterprise award granted by the Danish Federation of industry, In recognition of being a Danish enterprise in the global robot market

The Prince of Denmark personally presented the award for seven years of development, which was recognized

Beijing, March 11, 2013 -- universal robots, a Danish innovative industrial robot manufacturer, was recently awarded the "Danish best enterprise award" by the Danish Federation of industries in recognition of its outstanding performance in the global robot market as a Danish enterprise. Prince Joachim of Denmark personally presented the award at the award ceremony, which fully expressed the appreciation and affirmation of the Danish government and business circles to universal robots

"Danish best enterprise award" is the highest honorary award selected and awarded by the Danish Federation of industry every year, which aims to reward those Danish local enterprises that have outstanding performance in the global market. Since its establishment in 2005, universal robots has quickly won the favor of customers all over the world with its unique innovative human-machine harmony and light and flexible characteristics. Today, the company's dealer network has spread all over Europe, Asia, Oceania and the United States, and has delivered 1600 ur robots to all parts of the world. With its rapid expansion and remarkable achievements in recent years, universal robots has stood out from 17 candidates and won the title of "the best enterprise in Denmark"

there is not only a large amount of transaction data of small and medium-sized enterprises

Joachim, Prince of Denmark, commented on this: "universal robots is a successful example of Danish start-up companies. What is more valuable is that the company is still committed to technological innovation, continues to work closely with local universities, and realizes innovative ideas into final products to promote the progress of industrial robot technology."

Thomas, vice chairman and chief commercial officer of universal robots, is the latest honor the company has won Mr. Thomas visti said: "We are very happy to win the 'Danish best enterprise award', which is undoubtedly the best affirmation of universal robots and a milestone in the company's development history. Seven years ago, we only had an innovative idea. With this idea, we opened up new business opportunities and successfully grew into a global enterprise in a short time. At present, many manufacturers, including BMW, a world-renowned automobile brand, are Ur robot has been approved and adopted to realize flexible and efficient automatic production. We are extremely proud of such achievements and full of confidence and motivation for future development. "

universal robots' UR5 and ur10 robots have unique advantages such as simple operation, high flexibility, safety and portability, low cost and rapid return on investment. UR5 robot is also rated as "the most innovative robot in the world" by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) and the Institute of robotics and automation of the American Society of electrical and Electronic Engineers (iee-ras). Compared with the expensive, cumbersome and difficult to program traditional industrial robots, the lightweight and flexible ur robot removes all the obstacles in the automation process for small and medium-sized enterprises and helps them quickly realize automated production

ur robot is very suitable for China's increasingly sophisticated manufacturing industry. At this stage, the research and development of universal Robo graphene battery still lags far behind the data level of Spanish laboratories. TS has developed rapidly since it entered the Chinese market at the end of 2011. At present, the distribution network of universal r-60 ~ + 130 ℃ obots in China has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangsu. UR5 and ur10 robots are widely used in Chinese household appliances, auto parts, consumer goods, painting, machine tools, electroplating, micro motors, medical treatment, education, vision and automatic navigation

"the Chinese market will always be one of the important driving forces for the development of universal robots. In the future, we will continue to cultivate the Chinese market. According to the regional automation demand and industry distribution, we will select appropriate dealers, provide efficient intelligent automation production solutions for Chinese customers, and continue to help more Chinese enterprises obtain core competitiveness and create long-term value." Mr Thomas said

universal robots won the Danish best enterprise award

universal robots won the Danish best enterprise award

about ur robots:

universal robots' robots are the crystallization of many years of scientific research achievements. From small CNC lathes to large automobile assembly lines, its 6-axis robots can be easily put into use in various industries

esben stergaard, founder and chief technology officer of universal robots, explained the humanized design concept of ur robot: "we decided to make programming more intuitive, so as to develop a set of user graphical interface combined with" teaching function ", so that users can simply hold the manipulator and move it to demonstrate the action it will achieve to the robot. Ur robots can be integrated into any production process very quickly. According to experience, it generally takes only a few hours from unpacking to putting into use. "

ur robots can move freely in the production area to perform different tasks. UR5 and ur10 robots are loaded with 5kg and 10kg respectively. Ur robot conforms to the ISO standard of cooperative robot. Once a person contacts the robot arm, ur robot will automatically stop working. In a collision, the ur robot will only generate a force less than 150 Newtons specified in the upper limit. Therefore, ur robots do not need safety fences in most applications. At present, 80% of ur robot production lines do not use safety fences. Of course, in any application, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of the tools used by robots or other machines to decide whether to install safety fences

about Univ, an ersal robots company prepared by blowing at high temperature:

universal robots is an innovative Danish robot manufacturer with businesses all over the world. Since the first ur robot entered the market in 2009, the company's business has been developing rapidly

universal robots is a pioneer enterprise focusing on the new field of Cooperative industrial robots and focusing on user operability and flexibility. The company currently has about 55 employees. All R & D and manufacturing are carried out in Odense, Denmark, its headquarters. For more information about universal robots, please visit the company's official website:

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