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Colleges and universities should strengthen the research of ubiquitous power IOT. Tai nengling, director and professor of the Department of electrical engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University,

ubiquitous power IOT not only pays attention to the power generation, transmission and transformation of traditional electricity, but also fully integrates modern technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and organically integrates energy, information, and communication, so as to realize the "three flows in one" of energy flow, business flow, and data flow. The construction of ubiquitous power IOT will break through several bottlenecks that currently plague the development of power, such as the lack of complete interoperability of power data, the lack of sharing of business information Communication interconnection network "We rely on the limitations of word-of-mouth, so as to effectively realize the flexible scheduling and fine management of power and energy resources between regions.

to build the ubiquitous power IOT, scientific researchers in the electrical engineering discipline of colleges and universities should dare to compete for the first place and be the leader in the scientific research field. First of all, we should adhere to the interconnection thinking, actively expand openness and sharing, and promote the deep integration of the traditional electrical research field and interconnection. Many experts also said that the field is fully integrated Carry out cooperation between universities and colleges, universities and power companies, universities and enterprises in a comprehensive and multi-level manner. It is time to build ubiquitous power IOT. University researchers should enhance their sense of mission, forge ahead and innovate power IOT technology

the construction of ubiquitous power IOT requires that the electrical engineering discipline in Colleges and universities must adapt to the requirements of the new era, reform the talent training system, and innovate the scientific research mechanism. In terms of talent training, colleges and universities should take the initiative to explore courses such as power IOT, mobile Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, and add Amway to relevant experimental courses to use them to check all relevant geometric parameters and appearance defects of each product, collect resources in all aspects, and cultivate compound electrical talents in the new era. In terms of scientific research mechanism, when building a scientific research team in the electrical discipline of colleges and universities, we should pay attention to high-tech scientific research talents in interdisciplinary fields, expand cooperation with departments and units such as IOT, Internet and network information, and improve the comprehensive strength of scientific research. As the training base and scientific research highland of power talents, the electrical discipline of colleges and universities should take the initiative to learn, dare to innovate, and contribute to the construction of high power IOT with a strong sense of mission and sense for digital display

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