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Aluminum cans (cans): the best choice for environmentally friendly containers

normal align=left> most countries in the world, whether planned economy countries or market economy countries, from an economic point of view, aluminum cans are advantageous beverage containers. Aluminum cans can make money for consumers and save costs and resources for beer and beverage companies, wholesalers and retailers

normal align=left> the irrefutable economic advantages of aluminum cans

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normal align the gap of its separation surface should not exceed the rules in the following table =left>* save transportation resources and inventory storage space

normal align=left> because the size and weight of cans are smaller than glass bottles and plastic bottles, it greatly saves transportation and storage space. Thus, the cost of transportation and storage costs is reduced.

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normal Ali resource power is more relaxed. The exemption of the breakage rate and the long storage time

normal align=left> the breakage of glass bottles does not make it difficult to attach any objects to the samples, but increases the cost of the whole container, and affects the safety of consumers. In addition, the storage life of aluminum cans is longer than that of plastic bottles, so using aluminum cans can make consumers drink safe and stable drinks

normal align=left> many advantages of recycling aluminum cans

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normal align=left>* low alloy adjustment costs

normal align=left> the most efficient and economically valuable utilization of waste aluminum cans is to remelt them into aluminum can materials. However, for composite metal packaging materials, the alloy adjustment cost of waste metal is more expensive than that of aluminum ingot made from molten waste aluminum cans. In addition, the "aluminum mine on the ground" formed by waste aluminum cans will never be exhausted

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normal align=left>* protect valuable resources and maintain the environment

normal align=left> due to the value of aluminum cans, recyclers are loyal to recycling these waste cans for reuse, thus protecting valuable resources. The country also maintains the environment and reduces solid waste due to the recycling of waste aluminum cans

normal align=left>* energy conservation

normal align=left> as a container packaging system, aluminum cans create energy conservation. The remelting of waste aluminum cans into aluminum cans requires only 5% of the energy required to process aluminum cans from aluminum rock and soil. With some basic metals, they can be recycled and reused without mining aluminum rock and then processing it into aluminum ingots

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