The best choice for the hottest narrow area Lovol

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The best choice for narrow areas - Lovol fr18e

the best choice for narrow areas - Lovol fr18e-u micro excavator

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minimize residue components and moisture content. Lovol fr18e-u (micro excavation) is LOVOL Construction Machinery Group's position in the global brand pop-up report setting dialog box positioning, product line improvement, medium and large excavation continued to break through, stabilizing the position of small excavation We have developed tailless excavators with domestic brands and high-end products

the best choice for narrow areas - Lovol fr18e-u micro excavator

was specially born for narrow areas at the right time

although this guy is petite, he is not careless in his work. Fr18e-u can be installed with rubber tracks, so there is no need to worry about damaging the road surface for green belt and pipeline construction. In addition to the earth work of the pilot full moon system, spiral drilling can be installed for plants, buried piles, etc. In addition, fr18e-u can also enter basements and houses to replace manual leveling, hand-held air picks and other operations, greatly improving operation efficiency

fr18e-u has flexibility and versatility, and can complete underground mines, industrial ladle slag crushing and other operations. The first impression of used users is that it is leather. The quality of key components such as engine and hydraulic parts is reliable and fuel-efficient. Search the compact excavator station on, and you can see a lot of fr18e-u sales information, fr18e-u (micro excavation) full structural member bench fatigue test, 1000 hour accelerated reliability test of the whole machine, and 2000 hour heavy working condition industrial test

as for why fr18e-u (micro excavation) is launched at present, Zhang Junrong, chief engineer of the Technical Research Institute of Lovol construction machinery group, said: "At present, in mature markets in some developed regions in Europe and the United States, there is a large demand for micro excavation, especially the 1.8-ton platform and the 3.5-ton platform. The demand in developing countries is small, but with the rise of human costs, the requirements of project construction period and quality, the demand for micro excavation continues to rise. It is understood that the current domestic market demand is mainly 1.8-ton platform."

perfect standard configuration starts with personalized needs

the design and technical adjustment of Lovol fr18e-u (micro excavation) are all from the feedback of users. Some users put forward new requirements for the comfort of equipment operation. Therefore, the R & D team of Lovol engineering machinery group has been tested and repeatedly demonstrated for several times to reduce the handling force and achieve the most comfortable operating state under the basic conditions of high performance, including man-machine interface, auxiliary power port, centralized grease lubrication Remote water and oil drain ports enable convenient daily maintenance and repair

in terms of shock absorption and noise reduction, it is compared with the benchmark product structure and modal analysis to achieve the optimal design to reduce vibration and noise; Adopt more comfortable and shock-absorbing seats than competitive products; Select the best quality attraction material, and compare it with the noise of idle speed, common speed and high speed of the benchmark. The vibration of fr18e-u is smaller and the noise value is lower

in addition, LOVOL Construction Machinery Group has actively responded to the national initiative of "green construction". Fr18e-u not only meets the emission standards of national III and European III, but also can be directly adopted to meet the emission standards of National IV and European IV under the condition that the whole machine is basically unchanged. This stage is a small displacement engine, without high-pressure common rail and related post-treatment. Fuel saving and environmental protection are mainly in dynamic fluid matching and improving the utilization rate of engine precision last year, The energy loss of hydraulic components

redefinition of compact excavator

Zhang Junrong, chief engineer of Technical Research Institute of Lovol construction machinery group, said: "fr18e-u compact excavator is the most cost-effective excavator of its kind." Fr18e-u has the characteristics of boom sideshift function, chassis retraction, boom cylinder upper position, work pipeline hidden, chassis motor pipeline hidden, multi-functional accessories, complete interchangeability of steel track and rubber track, humanized design (water cup seat, debris box, hand support, etc.). Similar competitors may account for some of them, but they do not have all the characteristics, which has also become an irreplaceable advantage of fr18e-u in market competition. It can be said that fr18e-u tailless excavator is redefining the ton heavyweight compact excavator

from the above points, it can be seen that the main reason why fr18e-u is popular in the market is actually to meet the expectations of users. Nowadays, despite the emergence of new excavators in the market, what customers really want is a product that can achieve their dream of wealth

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