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When selecting ink, it is necessary to determine the nozzle

because the nozzle principle of different types of machines is different, so the selected ink is also different. If the ink is selected incorrectly, the nozzle damage will be inevitable. At present, the ink can be roughly divided into:

1. Dye (indoor) dye type hot foaming ink

is suitable for HP or novajet indoor models. Because the ink contains high foaming agent, after being heated by the ink head resistance, For example, aquaculture ink can produce bubbles in a very short time, and then squeeze and spray the ink out. However, under the long-term changes of high and low temperature, the ink chamber becomes lossy in the severe environmental changes of high heat and high pressure. Due to the successful development of alternative ink, the cost is low, but the loss of nozzle is an irreducible cost. General thermal foaming inkjet 4 There are spots on the surface of electroplated parts. The water content of the ink used by the printer needs to be between 70% and 90% to keep the nozzle unblocked and cooperate with the role of heat energy, which means that enough time must be left for the ink to dry completely on the medium without outward diffusion, so it is more equipped with a drying device on the machine to avoid damaging the picture

II. Dye (indoor) dye micro pressure ink

is applicable to Epson nozzle models, including the latest Mimaki jv-4, Mutoh rj-8000 and Roland fj-500/600 series. The piezoelectric nozzle uses a piezoelectric crystal to impact and vibrate a diaphragm fixed in the print head, so that the ink in the print head can be ejected. Because it belongs to cold spray, the nozzle does not need to be replaced regularly, but the early ink price is high, so the early indoor production cost is higher than hot foaming. The recently launched Mutoh rj-8000 series and Mimaki JV4 series use the third-generation Epson nozzle, so the printing speed is greatly improved, and the micro piezoelectric ink is also reduced to less than 0.25 yuan/ml. therefore, the micro piezoelectric will be the mainstream model for indoor production

III. pixel (outdoor) pigment micro piezoelectric ink

is suitable for Epson nozzle models, including the latest Mimaki jv-4, Mutoh rj-8000 and Roland fj-500/600 series, but it does not become the mainstream ink because it must be coated, and the outdoor process is complex and expensive

IV. oil based ink

is only applicable to Mutoh rj-8000/rj6000, Roland fj50/40/500/400 and Mimaki JV2 series. Due to the limitation of micro piezoelectric nozzles, the outdoor weather resistance is about 6 months. Because of the production of oil-based ink, there is no need to cover film, and it can be sprayed with coated light box cloth. Therefore, it is widely used in areas where indoor production and outdoor replacement are frequent (about half a year)

v. solvent ink

is suitable for large-scale inkjet machines and the latest limit fy-6180. The ink has strong corrosivity and can directly penetrate into the interior senior engineers of light box cloth and PVC materials. Therefore, it has high requirements for sprinkler heads. It needs to use special solvent sprinkler heads, and has high requirements for the auxiliary equipment of sprinkler heads. Therefore, solvent ink is not suitable for any sprinkler heads of Epson in Japan, At present, only British xrra and American companies have the ability to produce this nozzle. Saiangel, salsa7, the characteristics of fillers required in actual use:, Witt and the latest limit fy-6180 all use this kind of nozzle. It also has a full-automatic ink filtration system, so it is a professional outdoor production equipment, and the outdoor weather resistance can be guaranteed for about two years

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