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Select the appropriate CTP direct plate making machine according to the printing accuracy problem

ctp direct plate making machine mainly includes inner drum type, outer drum type, platform type and curve type. The most used are inner drum type and outer drum type. In these forms, the outer drum type gradually presents the mainstream trend; The types of plates are divided into metal plates and polyester plates according to the plate base. The metal plates are mainly aluminum plates with high printing resistance, which are suitable for long plate printing, while the polyester plates are more suitable for the needs of short plate printing; According to the coating, it can be divided into photosensitive resin plate and thermal plate. The former is suitable for commercial printing of medium and long plates, and the plate making speed is fast, while the latter can be processed under yellow light or ultraviolet filtered sunlight, and the plate making quality is the best

loading method

according to the degree of automation, the loading method can be divided into manual and automatic. The machine with manual version is cheap, but it generally requires that it be operated in a dark room. The yield strength: when the stress of the material exceeds the elastic limit, the efficiency is low; The automatic version of the equipment, high efficiency, but the price is more expensive, generally about 100000 dollars more expensive than the manual model. Moreover, the automatic equipment must use a whole box of printing plates with isolation paper when loading. The surface of the plate has a layer of anti light protective film, so it can be operated in the open room. With the help of the plate feeder, the protective film on the surface of the printing plate can be automatically peeled off to make the plate participate in plate making

the plate is fixed on the drum in two ways: full adsorption and middle adsorption, with clamps at the beginning and end. The full adsorption type has no limit on the size of the plate, while the plate used in the clip type must have a fixed size CTP equipment with a punching device. The following methods are some energy-saving measures used in the development and development of the experimental machine. Generally, the punching process is carried out after exposure, which can ensure the accurate positioning of the printing plate on the printing machine, reduce the pre press preparation time for the adjustment of the printing roller, and improve the printing quality and overprint Positioning accuracy

printing size

the printing plate used by CTP machine generally has super large format printing plate with the size of 66*84 inches according to the requirements of printing format and equipment; Large format printing plate, with the size of 55*67 inches; Medium format printing plate, with sizes of 41 inches, 32 inches and 22 inches; A small format printing plate with a size less than 18 inches when the machining accuracy and assembly process are not up to standard. Now the most used are medium and small format

major equipment suppliers

ctp equipment suppliers are mostly from the United States, as well as companies established in the United States by Germany and Japan. The suppliers of large format equipment include Agfa, Barco, Creo, Heidelberg, Gerber, ECRM, Optronics, saiangel prepress in the United States, Japan screen company, etc; Manufacturers of small and medium-sized formats include: printware, DuPont, etc. Creo company, Krause company, etc. provide special equipment for newspapers

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