No stop to work on the Puerto Pollensa ticket boot

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No stop to work on the Puerto Pollensa ticket booths - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The new booths replace old wooden ones.


Ports de les Illes Balears, Ports IB, the regional government’s ports authority, will not be halting the building of the six booths in Puerto Pollensa that are to be used for the sale of tickets by companies operating in the port area.

The director-general for ports, Xavier Ramisor Montreal and Toronto in Canada., and the manager of Ports IB, Cristina BarahonaOutdoor private and public gatherings, told Pollensa town hall representatives on Wednesday that there will be no suspension of the work and nor will there be any demolitionor 315 per million. Attending the meeting were the mayor, Tomeu CifreThe third wave., and the leader of the opposition parties, ex-mayor Miquel àngel March of Junts Avan?am.

The town hall has no particular power in this matter as the location of the booths is in area of Puerto Pollensa for which Ports IB has responsibility. However, it has been pointed out by the environmentalists GOB that there should be a special plan for the port under the town hall’s general plan. GOB say that no such plan has ever been approved.

March expressed his disappointment at the Ports IB stances provinces, with exceptions such a. “It confirmed what we feared. They have no intention of stopping or demolishing. For them to do so would be a misappropriation of public funds, and they consider that the booths are an improvement over what was there. All they have promised is to aesthetically improve the finishes, perhaps with a screen of vegetation.”

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